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Eight modern stores covering approximately 90,000sq ft in total. Storage availlable for both merchants and individual growers, storing a large variety of commodities including grains, oil seed rape, peas, pulses, palm kernel, sugar beet pellets and rice. Both short and long-term storage available.

All stores fully comply with TASCC regulations ensuring the commodity is protected from the weather, wind, moisture; rodents, birds, insects and microorganisms. Using modern digital technology grain temperatures are monitored on a weekly basis. Various cooling systems are installed to maintain optimum storage conditions.

Grain analysis – prior to tipping in our stores every load is thoroughly tested to ensure the commodity meets the required standards. All grain will be tested for moisture, specific weight and inspected for grain damaging insects.

At David Stennetts we take great pride in the speed and efficiency of our service. With three loading shovels and a forklift at our disposal waiting times for both loading and tipping are kept to a minimum.

Arrangements can be made for bulk loads to be collected, stored and when required delivered to the required destination.
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